Saturday, December 16, 2006

TA-082 Downgrader Released!

Do you believe in miracles? A TA-082 downgrader has been officially released today by a dev named, dark_thug! This downgrader is for use with 2.50 TA-082 PSPs. TA-082 users with 2.6-2.71 can downgrade to 2.50 using the Generic Downgrader. Alright, so here's how it works:

1. Use the DAX generic downgrader to change your ver. to 2.50 if it isnt already.
2. Downloaded the 2.50 TA-082 Check & Dump v1.20 to dump your firmware.
3. Enter your settings in the executable. Here is an example:
4. It will generate the downgrader. Copy the folder ?UPDATE? (the folder it makes) to x:/PSP/GAME
5. download eLoader and put it on your PSP. Load it from the photo menu.
6. Choose ?UPDATE? from the eLoader menu. This will begin the downgrader. It will patch your bootstrap to make it a 1.5.
7.Reboot your PSP AFTER it has finished COMPLETELY! You should get a blue screen. Hit O and restore your settings.

Here's the files you will need:

There has been a reported problem with this downgrader however. According to dark_thug: : SE-C may lock-up while playing some games.
The catch? On 1.50, trying to change settings menu gives a Blue Screen of Death.
This means you can simply not change your Video options, System settings, etc."

As with all things that write to flash, there is a risk of bricking, so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. QJ, dark_thug, myself, and psp-haxors are not responsible for any bricks!

If all this sounds good to you, try it out and you will hopefully be enjoying a 1.50 or 2.71SE-C PSP!

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nights777 said...

Uh its fake. And you hacked fileupper?